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Talk is a part of human development, which helps us to think, learn and develop an understanding of the world. People use language as a medium to develop logical ability, knowledge and understanding. Therefore, encouraging children to talk as part of learning experiences means increasing their educational progress.

Lessons need to be planned in order to use conversation or talk for learning so that children can learn as much as they can by connecting with their past experiences through conversation. It is much more than a question and answers session between the teacher and his / her students, as it gives more time to the student’s own language, ideas, and interests.

You can encourage your students to actively listen to English and indicate how to respond to the English you have used. You can observe how much students understand your point. Students can also learn by watching their peers. In sports, you can use home language as well as English, so that participation increases.

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 English language learning begins with speaking. When the child becomes familiar with some English words, then it is necessary to teach dialogue and conversation. This book will help children to learn English.

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